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Full name: Sara Helena Lumholdt
Born: October 25th 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden
Tallness: 5'4" (166 cm)
What are some current albums that you like? BSB with Black n' Blue, Coyote Ugly soundtrack, Jewel with spirit
What are your all-time classic albums? Janet Jackson "Velvet Rope" and "Rythm Nation", Alanis Morisette "Jagged little pill"
Name a show or performance that stands out for you. When? Where? It has to be one of the performances on the Britney Spears-tour
What are some of your biggest musical influences? Janet Jackson, Madonna
What was the best concert you ever saw? When? Where? It was a long time ago I went to a concert, but the one who really was a big thing for me was SPICE GIRLS 5 years ago.
What magazines do you like? Swedish teenage magazines. Novells-magazines too.
What are some movies you really like? Scary movie, three to tango, my all time classic has to be "Girls just want to have fun".
What was the last movie you rented? The astronaut's wife.
Actor(s) you really like? Freddie prinze Jr, Ryan Phillipe, Adam Garcia
Actress(es) you really like? Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston
An animated character you really like? Whinnie the Pooh or Deole in Dexter's laboratory
Name a current television show you like? Friends and Sex in the city
What is your favourite food? Pasta Bologuese
A person you would like to meet? (dead or alive) Michael Jackson
Who is your role model? I have loads of role models but my first were probably my sister.
A supermodel you like? I have no clue actually??? The dark girl in Coyote ugly is really cute but otherwise I don't know!
What's your favourite cities? Stockholm and London and also NY and LA.
A vacation place or holiday spot you like? Just somewhere warm and sunny where you can lay on the beach and just relax
What's your favourite kind of pet? Dogs
A website that you like? I have no clue, I'm sorry.....

Sara Helena Lumholdt 

Nickname: Saris 
Born: 25 th of October 1984, in Stockholm, at Karolinska in Stockholm. 
Sign: Scorpio 
Family: Mother Gunnel, father Peter, sister Anna 
Pets: Haven't got any. Favourite pet is dog. 
Favourite food: Spaghetti with meatsouce. 
Favourite film: Circle of Friends 
Favourite artist/band: Cajsa Lisa Ejemyr, Eminem 
Favourite colour: Blue 
Most embarrassing moment: Fell in the big stairs at the Sergel cinema 
My motto is: Live your life!! 
Favourite TV- program: Friends 
Favourite record: Pulp Fiction 
Favourite actor: Joshua Jackson 
First bought record: MN8, I've got a little something for you 
Favourite song with ABBA: Our last summer 

Sara intim

>No pets because of her allergy 
>Lives with her mother 
>Gets 120 DM (ca. 50-60 US$) pocket money per month 
>Attended the "Näsbydalskolan" 
>Doing homework and writing tests via email 
>Is no computer freak and she dislikes chating because of the much lies 
>In the age of 9 she broke her left wrist 
>Flirting is her favourite hobby 
>Boys should be able to sing and play an instrument or being like Brad Pitt 

Sara likes...

Albums/films/TV shows/books that changed your life: 
I think that experiences can change your life. And this about being in A*Teens has totally made my life better. But movies I really like are American teenage movies, like Bring It On, American Pie, Ten Things I Hate About You and She's All That. Albums I like are *NSYNC's No Strings Attached and Jewel's Spirits and Outkast. 

Best make-out music: 
It doesn't matter, as long as it's slow and romantic. 

Best on-the-road music: 
Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson. 

CDs in your stereo right now: 
Jewel, Backstreet Boys and Craig David. 

If you weren't a musician you'd be... 
a normal teenager. 

If you could spend a day with anyone past or present, who would it be? 
My boyfriend. 

What is your most treasured belonging? 
A really nice photo frame that has many memories behind it. 

Your motto: 
Believe in yourself no matter what! 

Favorite way to get away from it all: 
Take a hot bath and listen to music. 

What current artist would you like to collaborate with? 
Michael Jackson would be cool to work with. 

What songs make you think about school days? 
Madonna's "La Isla Bonita." 

In which countries have you received the most attention? 
Chile, Spain and Germany. 

What are your hopes for the future? 
A really good future with A*Teens, especially with the new album Teen Spirit. 

Do you have any pets? 
No, unfortunately I love dogs and I would like to have one.


Amit Dhani Sara