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Full name: John Dhani Lennevald
Born: July 24th 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden 
Tallness: 6'0" (183 cm)
What are some current albums that you like? Dr. Dolittle soundtrack, Craig David
What are your all-time classic albums? Michael Jackson "History"
Name a show or performance that stands out for you. When? Where? Our last show on our summer tour with Nickelodeon. That was really fun. 
What are some of your biggest musical influences? BSB, N'Sync, Michael Jackson, Boys II Men
What was the best concert you ever saw? When? Where? Janet Jackson "Velvet Rope", we were in the front row. That was amazing. BSB and N'Sync.
What are some movies you really like? The Matrix and Gladiator, Star Wars
What was the last movie you rented? Gladiator
Actor(s) you really like? Bruce Willis, Will Smith
Actress(es) you really like? Salma Hayek
An animated character you really like? Donald Duck
Name a current television show you like? A TV show called Sen kväll med Luuk
What is your favourite food? Pasta
A person you would like to meet? (dead or alive) alive ...... (Michael Jackson)
Who is your role model? Michael Jackson the man
A supermodel you like? The girl in the N'Sync video
What's your favourite cities? Stockholm, L.A, Beijing
A vacation place or holiday spot you like? Thailand
What's your favourite kind of pet? Dog or Lionfish
A website that you like? A-TEENS.COM HAHA ...... WEATHER.COM HAHA...... 

Other... (More! :)

John Dhani Lennevald 

Nickname: just... Dhani 
Born: the 24 th of July 1984, at Danderyds hospital 
Sign: Leo 
Family: Mum- Elisabeth, dad- Bejje and big sister Dinah. 
Pets: Two big fat cats, Molle and Elvis. Two canarys without names. 
Favourite food: Chicken fillet with avoririce. 
Favourite film: Help, I can't think of anyone right now. 
Favourite artist/band: Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill among others. 
Favourite colour: Blue. 
Most embarrassing moment: Where shall I begin? 
My motto is: "It always works out" 
Favourite TV-program: "Late Evening with Luuk" 
Favourite record: Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton unplugged among others 
Favourite book: Forrest Gump 
Favourite actor: Robert Gustavsson, Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey 
First bought record: Green Day 
Favourite song with ABBA: Lay all your love on me, Mamma Mia 

Dhani intim: 

>Say about himself: "I´m a well-behaved, spoilt mummy´s darling" 
>Since 1998 he travels with his family for diving and since then he´s crazy for water sports Attends "Gärdeskolan" 
>Good at maths and art and does his homeworksh via mail 
>From 7 boys he was the onliest who remains 
>Learns cooking and needlework 
>Can even knit a pullover 
>Before the A*TEENS he had a girl-friend for 10 months 
>Doesn´t like girls with thick make-up and boyish outfits 
>Likes romantic girls with feminine clothes, would cook even for her a candlelight diner 

DHANI Likes 

Albums/films/TV shows/books that changed your life:
Actually none of those things changed my life. But a movie that I really like is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Gladiator. And my favorite albums right now are Craig David's Born To Do It, Michael Jackson's Dangerous, *NSYNC's No Strings Attached, Wyclef's The Ecleftic and Jay-Z's The Dynasty. 

Best on-the-road music: 
Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. 

CDs in your stereo right now: 
Outkast, Jay-Z and Craig David.

If you weren't a musician you'd be... 
...a dancer or producing music. 

If you could spend a day with anyone past or present, who would it be? 
Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. 

What is your most treasured belonging? 
Oh... I don't know. 

Your motto: 
Believe in yourself and always think positive. 

Favorite way to get away from it all: 
Listen to music and think about the girl I love. 

What current artist would you like to collaborate with? 
Craig David. 

If someone gave you $100 that you had to spend right now, what would you buy? 
CDs probably. 

In which countries have you received the most attention? 
South American countries, Spain, Germany. 

What are your hopes for the future? 
Great success with Teen Spirit. 

Do you have any pets?
Two birds.


Amit Marie Sara