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Full name: Marie Eleonor Serneholt
Born: July 11th 1983 in Stockholm, Sweden
Tallness: 5'7" (174 cm)
What are some current albums that you like? Coyote Ugly soundtrack
Name a show or performance that stands out for you. When? Where? During the Britney tour in Irvine, the WHOLE audience were standing during "Dancing Queen" ... COOL!
What are some of your biggest musical influences? Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston
What was the best concert you ever saw? When? Where? Janet Jackson "Velvet Rope", BSB and N'Sync
What magazines do you like? A Swedish one called "Frida", but also "Bravo" and "Popcorn"
What are some movies you really like? Love and basketball, Titanic
What was the last movie you rented? Gladiator, BUT I never watched it...
Actor(s) you really like? Nicholas Cage and John Travolta when they did Face Off
Actress(es) you really like? Drew Berrymore
An animated character you really like? Goofy, Whinnie the Pooh
Name a current television show you like? A Swedish reality show called BAREN
What is your favourite food? Pasta
A person you would like to meet? (dead or alive) Backstreet Boys and Celine Dion
Who is your role model? That's very hard... Celine Dion maybe
A supermodel you like? Claudia Schiffer
What's your favourite cities? Stockholm, L.A, Paris
A vacation place or holiday spot you like? Canary Islands
What's your favourite kind of pet? Small dog puppies
A website that you like? Of course ... A-TEENS.COM and

It's hard to be a role model

Marie Serneholt is 17. But she is not a common teenager. She's in the A-Teens and is working hard to stay on the scene. And now she's going to be on tour with Britney Spears.

Two years ago she was a normal teenager. Today she's 1/4 of A-Teens, but she's still a very uncommon common 17-years old girl.

Marie was dancing at Lasse Kuhlers danceschool in Stockholm. That's where she spent all her spare time. That's where she had her friends, that's where the possibilities to become famous was, but above all - that's where she could do what she loved the most in the world: to be on stage.

Now it's been almost two years, with hundreds of thousands of sold records world wide and having millions of fans.
Marie is more than satisfied. This is what she has always been dreaming of.
- It does not feel like a job. I do what I love to do!

During the spring the group has been on a huge promotion tour in South America, and in a few days they are leaving to USA to open for Britney Spears, and in this autumn the second album will be released.

- I don't drink alcohol. When I'm going to a party I am having a good time and dancing, but I don't do all the other stuff. You can have just as much fun anyway!

The record company don't have to worry. Marie is not the girl who will bring any scandals.

- My youth was very easy. Maybe because I choosed the homework and dance instead of going out at nights partying. I have always been very focused on what I want to do.

In Stockhom she lives a pretty normal life. She goes to the movies, sit down at a café with her friends, and even travel with the subway without beeing attacked of curious fans.

This far she's been exempted from rumours in the daily press. The rumous that are, usually stays within their well visited website.
- It's many people that thinks that me and Dhani is a couple.
- Then there was a rumour that all four of us was homosexual, totally untrue. But I don't care. They can write what they want, after all, I know what's true or not.

Marie doens't think much about the future.
- In ten years? Oh my god, I'm almost 27 then. I hope I will still be in showbusiness then.
- When I'm 30 or something, I probably want a family and kids and things like that, she says and laughs for a while. 


Marie Eleonor Serneholt 

Nickname: "Marre", "Wipz", "Skalleper"
Born: the 11 th of July 1983, Stockholm
Sign: Cancer 
Family: Dad- Ronny, mum- Lotta, sister- Malou and brother- Jonas. 
Pets: No, but I had a "hopping bean" once! 
Favourite food: May I say candy? No, but I love pasta. 
Favourite film: "Show Me Love" 
Favourite artist/band: No one particular, but I like Robyn, she«s an amazing artist. 
Favourite colour: Hm...hmm.. That all depends on in what kind of mood I am and which season it is. If I shall mention some, it`s; Red, cerise pink, black and grey 
Most embarressing moment: I do embarrassing things every day... I like to embarrass my self, sometimes on purpose 
My motto is: "Be yourself and believe in yourself, if you want to get anywhere" 
Favourite TV-program: I like soaps 
Favourite actor: At the moment it«s Alexander Skarsgärd (son of Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgärd) 
First bought record: I don't remember...probably not a good one! 
Favourite song with ABBA: Mamma Mia, Our Last Summer, Summer Night City and so on... 

Marie intim: 

>As a child she was totally well-behaved and played in her pink room 
>In the age of 5 she almost drowned, the mother of a girl friend rescued her 
>She was in intensive care (danger to life) 
>Likes go shopping and makes aerobics with her mother 
>Favourite subject: biology since she loves animals 
>The most crazy fan post came from Germany: 8 US$ in an envelope and for this she should buy a nice present but she returned it to the boy 
>Totally romantic boys are boring and can’t get anywhere with her 
>She wants a boy friend with whom she can laugh and has fun 

MARIE likes...

Albums/films/TV shows/books that changed your life:
That's a really hard question. I think it's like when I've seen documentaries about different subjects that made me think differently.

Best make-out music: 

Best on-the-road music: 
Tori Amos, Eminem, Disturbed. I like when it's a different kind of music. If I'm listening to the same style all the time, I get bored. 

CDs in your stereo right now: 
Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. 

If you weren't a musician you'd be... 
An actress. I love to act! 

If you could spend a day with anyone past or present, who would it be? 
A homeless person, to see how it is to live on the streets and stuff. 

What is your most treasured belonging? 
A bracelet I got from my boyfriend. 

Your motto: 
"Carpe Diem." 

Favorite way to get away from it all: 
Close my door, lay on my bed and just relax. Or call my family/friends/boyfriend. 

What current artist would you like to collaborate with? 
Celine Dion. 

If someone gave you $100 that you had to spend right now, what would you buy? 
A pair of shoes! 

What songs make you think about school days? 
A Swedish song called "Sommar Tider HejHej" It's about summer. And also Mariah Carey's old ballads. 

In which countries have you received the most attention? 
Chile, Poland, Argentina, Germany, Spain and Sweden. 

What are your hopes for the future? 
Success for A*Teens. And also a successful career for myself. 

Do you have any pets? 
No, but I would like to have a little dog.


Amit Dhani Sara