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Text from "Center Stage" - Visit this Cool Website!
1. You have your own A*teens site and fan club
2. You have an A*Teens site as your home page
3. You play their cd so much that you know what song is going to come on when its on shuffle
4. Everyone of your friends has THE ABBA GENERATION
5. The first 20 things on your Christmas list were all realated to A*teens
6. People in school refer to you as "A*teens girl"
7. You have a two 6 hour tapes of every preformace they made on TV
8. You vote non-stop when their video is on Nickelodean
9. You buy anything and everything that is A*teens related
10. You make bookcovers that are collages of them
11. You vote for there video every day on TRL
12. You frame there pictures
13. You sent there record lable a christmas card hoping they'd accucally see it
14. You buy the same clothes as them
15. You computer is slow b/c of all the pictures and mp3's you've saved
16. You make your own A*teens apparel
17. You make the words A*teens, Sara, Marie, Dhani, and Amit when you eat alphabet soup
18. You put "I love A*teens" on the top right corner of your paper when you label it at school
19. You start calling your family members Dhani, Sara, Amit, or Marie accidently
20. Your email address and screen name have something to do with them
21. You count down the days till there birthdays
22. You carry pics of them in your wallet
23. You'd do anything, i mean anything to hear Amit say your name
24. You had a heart attack when Sara answered one of your questions in a chat
25. Your listening to A*teens right now ;)
26. People around you start getting annoyed because you talk about them way too much
27. Your brother knows every word to all the songs on the Abba generation even tho he doesn't like them
28. So does your dad
29. You buy every magazine with them in it
30. Your always singing there songs
31. You rehearse what your going to say if you ever happen to see them in the local mall
32. You go to the mall before their concert, hoping you'll see them there
33. You'll gladly move to Sweden just so you can enter a contest avalible to Swedish residents only
34. You wrote "A*teens" on your ankle with a sharpie b/c your mom won't let you get a tattoo
35. You've logged in to over 260 times
36. You visit at least 2 times a day
37. You make a point of trying to convert everyone you know into likeing A*teens
38. When its 3:33 or 11:11 you kiss the clock and make a wish about one of the A*teens
39. You feel sorry for all the people who haven't heard of them
40. You should be doing HW but your reading this
41. You know every dance move to there songs
42. You were very upset when you found out A*teens werent going to come to a Wall*Mart near you
43. You tryed to convince your mom to drive you to the nearest Wal*Mart even though they were just going to sign autographs and you already had there auotographs
44. You studied for the first time to try and bribe your mom to take you with that 102 you got on your Social Studies test. 
45. When you saw them over the summer you made a sign that said "Gimme Gimme Gimme (Amit After midnight)" ;)
46. Your wore your A*teens slap bracelet that they gave out the day you went to their concert on the first day of school
47. You give A*teens stuff to your friends for their brithdays
48. They like the stuff you give them
49. You would willingly wait outside in the freezing cold for 9 hours just to get front row for the A*teens
50. You'd listen to the A*teens the WHOLE time you were waiting
51. You've named your dog Dhani
52. You yell at your friends for saying "danny" when it should be "DHani"
53. You yell "A*teens Rule" out side your car window to complete stragers
54. You blast their music when your in the car despite your dads threats to throw the cd out the window
55. If he did throw it out the window you'd buy another one happily, b/c its another reason to support them
56. You say "Mamma Mia" instead of "Oh My God"
57. You keep a tape in the VCR "just incase" A*teens are on TV
58. You have a tape with the "Dancing Queen" video on it 8 times
59. You cut your hair to look like Marie ;)
60. You sleep facing Stockholm
61. Your wardrobe matches theres
62. In alegbra you use the letters A, D, M, or S instead of X
63. While taking a scantron you fill in A if you don't know the answer ;)
64. You parents ground your from A*teens :(
65. Your saving your money to go to stockholm when you graduate high school
66. You're planning you birthday party, its theme: A*teens
67. You're inviting A*teens to your bithday party even though they're not going to come
68. You've sung Dancing Queen on a karaoke machine last 4th of July
69. You plan to sing it again this year 
70. Your favourite food is pasta
71. You jumped up and down for 25 mins straight when the A*teens preformed on the All that tour
72. You had a poster for each A*teen when you went to their concert
73. You have signed your school paper with the last name of "Paul"
74. You've planned your wedding to one of them during your lunch period
75. You know more about them than they know about them
76. You have every tour date marked down on your calender so you know where they are every day they are on tour
77. You're friends with every A*teens fan in the state
78. You converted everyone you've met into loving the A*teens, even people at the mall that you've never seen before
79. You've tried to convince your dad that ordering stuff online is safe, just so you can get the japanese version of The ABBA Generation 
80. You name your stuffed animals after them
81. You go to sleep with their music playing
82. You wake up to their music
83. You read all of these to make sure your obsessed
84. You've used up all your printer ink more than once b/c you printed pic of them
85. You know all the words to "Mamma Mia" and "Gimme Gimme Gimme", in spanish ;)
86. You still believe that Dhani is single
87. You tried to do all the dance moves they did when they were on Snick house underground
88. You thought abour bringing your "A*teens Video" on an overnight school trip, but you dont know what you'll do if it ever got lost
89. The only reason you lost the contest on how much you know about the a*teens on is b/c your computer died for 3 days, no joke :*(
90. You've bought over 10 magazines just because they had a little picture of the A*teens in it
91. You're wearing something that has to do with the A*teens on Tuesday when the ablum comes out
92. You've planned your trip to Stockholm, more than once
93. You've gotten virtually married to Amit/Dhani 
94. You made shirts with there names on it for the concert you went to
95. You haven't gone more than 1 days without listening to them
96. Your thinking about an obsession right now
97. You mouse pad has a picture of the A*teens on it, or had until your brother ripped it off
98. You're convinced that "Halfway around the World" is about you
99. Most of the clothes you own are Blue, cause thats Dhani's favourite color
100. Everytime you're at the mall you look for Maries red "Heart" shirt
101. You want to go bike riding in your school
102. You hate the people who *think* they live behind Dhani
103. You hate the people who really do
104. You have all the imported cds of theirs, or as many as you can find
105. You don't believe any of the rumers your hear about them
106. You pass all of the quizes you take about them with a 100% score
107. You have an A*teens shrine in your room, even though there are scarce amounts of pics of them in US magazines
108. You extreamly dislike the A*teens offical fan site, you know that "fan club" link on, theres no fanclub! isn't it extreamly annoying!!
109. Your favourite "animated character" is now Donald Duck
110. You've joined the e-team the day it came out
111. You know what the weather is like in Sweden, right now
112. You celebrated New years at midnight, in Sweden
113. You have the free "Dancing Queen" single Marie handed to you still in its wrapper, cause she touched it :)
114. You remember like it was yesterday what exactly happened when you were online for there autographs
115. You know for a fact that when your in school on Tuesday the 27th, that all you'll be thinking about will be the A*teens
116. You've been waiting for there new cd since September
117. You're afaraid that if you do meet the A*teens you'll freak out and look like a compleate idiot
118. You pray to god each night that you won't 
119. You convinced your little sister to do "Dancing Queen" for her talent show
120. You want to do a talent show so you can dance to "Dancing Queen"
121. You write fan fiction about them
122. You have a shrine to them on your bedroom wall
123. You have your friends learn the dance moves to Halfway around the world, so they can help you get it perfect
124. You have inside jokes about them with your friends
125. You write on the bottom of all there posters "stalking is BAD" just as a reminder
126. People don't even bother to insult you for liking them anymore, because they are still hurt from the last time
127. You plan to name your children after them
128. You just assume they they would ove something.."I bet Marie would love..."
129. You'd actucally travel cross-country on a train just to see them, even tho your parents won't let you
130. You bake them a cake for their birthday
131. You can perdict what they'll do (what single they'll realease, ya know things like that)
132. You have conversations with your friends about what there tour bus is like
133. Yo freak out (litterally) when you see someone that resembles one of the A*teens
134. When ever you enter the library, or anyplace that has a globe you immeditly look for stockholm
135. You convince someone on ther internet to download an A*teens song, *and* buy the album
136. When you listen to one of there sogs you have to listen to the whole thing (like when your in the car and pull into your driveway you leave the car running just to hear the end of Dancing Queen even tho you've heard it over a million time litterally)
137. You respect them Amit as a person and *don't* kiss your posters goodnight
138. You're going to paint the word 'A*TEENS' on your closet door with you friend (who is an A*teens fan whom you converted)and its going to look really cool
139. You keep adding more stuff to this list
140. You often go to record stores just to see how well the A*teens albums are selling, and was overly excited when there was no more left
141. While your there you make comments on how awesome "Teen Spirit" is
142. You just never seem to get sick of there albums, ever
143. You find yourself writing A*teens lyrics on everything
144. Your away message on aol has something to do with them heres mine: Hi this is Marie from the A*teens Christine is bouncing off the ceiling with Amit right now and can't get to the computer she *should* be back soon
145. Even your brothers friends know that your obsessed with them
146. After their concert you're going to go on an extencive search for their tour bus
147. You have bought a shirt with a chinese symbol on it, (not just b/c amit and dhani wear them very often b/c you like it alot to)
148. You think 'A*Teens' should become a school subject, even for those people who don't like them, you don't want to go to Math but you have to go anyway right?
149. You know the lyrics to everyone of there songs and are able to recite them anywhere, anytime. (even the spanish ones and the ones that weren't released where you live
150. You've read all of these
151. You hear you fav. A*teen sing it makes your heart skip a beat
152. You read #151 and laugh
153. When you dressed up as Marie for halloween, (did i say that already)
154. When you believe that Dhani Lenevald is gods gift to women and are ready to take on anyone who even hints otherwise
155. You wonder what they'll think of you if they ever read these
156. You have an A*teens song on your answering machine
157. You day dream about them all the time
158. You even have the target commercial for "Teen Spirit" taped
159. Your room is upside down, litterally
160. You were mad upset when you found out the signing was cancelled in New York because of the 4 freakin' inches of snow!!! it was only 4!!!! AHHH!!!
161. You know that you haven't seen the A*teens for 281 days and counting
162. You know for a fact that you have to be in one of the first 10 rows for the aaron carter concert in Jones Beach and will without a doubt wait for over 10 hours for those tickets
163. You every school project you do is related to them in some wierd way
164. The Minnesota Vikings are your favourite football team (vikings are from sweden get it?)
165. You understand all of these
166. You started quoteing them about 3 months ago
167. You want that A*teens backpack so bad, you know that one that the e-team is giving away, i want one so bad its not even funny any more
168. you wasted 3 hours voting for the A*teens on nick, now i mean 3 consecutive hours voting, but they still didn't win!!!
169. No matter how tired you are you still keep think thing of more of these
170. You extreamly dislike the people who ask them "how did you meet each other?" when the A*teens do a chat, real fans know the answer
171. You ask questions you already know the answer too just because you want them to read *your* question and answer it
171. You've aced my quiz ;)
172. You want braces cuz Amit has them
173. There is a warning sign on the bottom of your door that says "Your about to enter a A*teens zone"
174. You've had the a*teens names written on your face in lipstick at least once
175. You can classify anyone by having a Marie, Sara, Amit, or Dhani personality
176. You have a 5 min. conversation with a dj at your local radio station asking him to play "Bouncing off the Ceiling" the only way he got you to hang up was by saying that he would, he even started singing the chorus to it (lol no joke)
177. You are wonderng what A*teens are doing right now...
178. You make it a point to send masty e-mails to A*teens fakers
179. You know all of A*teens favourite things
180. You play the A*teens cds in your head while your at school
181. You brought "the ABBA generation" cd into school so your whole science class could listen to it
182. You've already designed your poster for the next concert you go to
183. You could'ne give up A*teens for lent, if your life depended on it
184. You know you're going to meet the, its your life goal!!
185. You think of A*teens while your at the dentist, it makes trime go by sooo much faster
186. You're middle name is Marie, 
187. You highlight Stockholm in your social studies text book
188. You buy a cd just cuz Sara likes it
189. You've rented "The Breakfast Club" over 7 times
190. You cheacked to see if the A*teens were playing in Vermont over the summer since you're renting a house there, seeing them 2 times couldn't hurt!
191. When you get tix to there show you're showing up 15 hours early just to get a glimps of them
192. You can type "i love A*Teens" with your eyes closed 25 times straight no mistakes
193. You're a dreamstreet fan, just b/c the sang with the A*teens and they sing "Sugar Rush"
194. You're going to see dreamstreet live (lol)
195. You counted down the days/ hours/ mins./sec till "Teen Spirit" came out
196. You taped the commercial for the Belmont race track b/c the backround music was "Take a Chance On Me"
197. When you found out that you were one of the winners of a signed a*teens poster you couldn't stop jumping up and down for a hour (no joke!!)
198. That day was one of the best days of you life, the only thing that topped that was when you saw them live
199. Your closet door is offically covered in A*teens picutres you've been colecting over the past year!
200. You signed everyones yearbook with an A*teens star
201. Someone asks you for their e-mail adresses and you say 'that private' knowing that if one of the a*teens heard you say that they'd like you even more
202. You work out listening to the a*teens
203. You and your friends made a video to bouncing of fthe ceiling on one of their trampolines'
204. You're friends are going to put you on fanatic
205. You're bring all 7 friends that you've converted into a*teens fans to see them live
206. You watch the cartoon show "Catdog" just because A*Teens picked it on 
SlimeTimeLive. - MonaMia4
207. You painted 'A*teens' on your closet door 
208. You cried when you found out you were going to meet them
209. You are more obsessed with them now then you ever were
210. You know that Amit's shoe is size10
211. You eat strawberry icecream just cuz its dhani's fav
212. You design your room like a picture of a hotel in stockholm you saw 
213. Your brother has told you that "...being obsessed over the a*teens and stockholm isn't normal and that you should get a phycologist"
214. You know he's right
215. You are mad at your friend b/c she like dreamstreet better then the a*teens, thats just so wrong
216. You are really mad at your friend because she's going to another state which is about 3 hours away togo see Dreamstreet with another one of your friends and she didn't invite you even though you brought her to MEET the a*teens
217. You know that if you get another chance to meet them you thank god every night and be devoted to the a*teens for the rest of eternity
218. Oh yeah did i mention you're not bringing that friend that likes dreamstreet and almost made you not meet the a*teens b/c she had to get Aaron carters autograph you're bringing your other friend who you should've brought the first time. 
220. They are you're favourite band
221. You spell favourite with a U and colour with a U b/c thats how they spell in in Europe
222. Make a wish imm on #222
223. You wish to be schooled over the internet like amit
224. You wonder why people who love the a*teens so much post messages about other bands on the message board
225. You play the guitar just b/c Dhani does
226. You want to become a dentist so you can work on Amits teeth
227. You go to a dentist named Amit just because of the name and NO i'm not joking
228. You've gotten your brothers teachers children to love the a*teens too
229. You love amit more then ice cream
230. You buy the A*teens DVD for yourself even though you don't have a DVD player
231. You were madthat the A*teens didn't release Sugar Rush in the US like they said they would
232. You were very mad when you bought the "...To the Music" single and saw that there was nothing good on it or in it
233. You spend tons of money on A*teens merchandise sold at the show even if its rediculously over priced
234. You watch their videos over and over again and can do all the little nothing moves while they sing slow songs
235. you buy the same outfit/shoes/pants/hairclip/sweatshirts/yellow sunglasses or whatever else because a member or a*teens have the same ones
236. You think that your favorite member is waiting for you and all their girlfriends are just flings until your relationship would be legal
237. You asked for a Swedish accent for Christmas
238. YOu go surfing when its cold out b/c dhani and amit did
239. YOu want to be a song writer when you grow up so you can work w/ the a*teens
240. If you could you would fallow their bus after the concert to the next venue
241. You own an izone camera
242. You have a jumping bean
243. People at school make fun of them by saying that they're gay and you say, "you would know"
244. Have logged on to for over 150 minutes
245. most of your aol buddy list consists of a*teens fans