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These audios was recorded, published and digitized by Argenteens.

Argentina 2001

Interview in Radio ("La 100" - FM 99.9) - Argentina


Duration: 22 min 34 sec


Program: Pepsi Chart Hot 100


Interviews in La 100 (Radio Studio), in the one that they attended fans that had won, the boys they answered the speakers' questions and some girls.


Download - 5.20 Mb



A-Teens in Fm Hit before the showcase



Duration: 3 min 30 sec


Program: Tus Elegidos


Questions of Mariela Bosqui ( Fm Hit) when the radio's movil was in the door of the Buenos Aires News with Alejandra Polack.


Download - 827 Kb



Previous moments to the show in Fm Hit



Duration: 1 min 50 sec


Program: Tus Elegidos


Showcase in the Buenos Aires News.


Download - 433 Kb



From Bs.As. News with Fm Hit



Duration: 9 min 23 sec


Program: Los 40 Principales


Questions that Daisy May Queen carried out them when concluding the showcase of April 2 in the Buenos Aires News. It also formulated their questions from the radio's studio, Fabiana.


Download - 2.16 Mb



Interview for the launching of the new CD



Duration: 16 min 04 sec


Program: Los 40 Principales


Interview that Amit Paul maintained with Fm Hit where they advanced its visit to South America and bill several things on the group. This is an interview previous to their visit.


Download - 3.70 Mb